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  1. Sunny

    Still waiting for my answer, Mr T.What kind of book do I need to make you feel funny under your trousers?I also want to marry any of those two girls. Both of them if they’re avaelable.(Aftir you’ve fired them, to hire us of course).


  2. http://goanalyze.info/mp3slash.net

    250I am convinced she was hoping that someone would trip over her so she could sue the store. Give me a break! Who in their right mind would sit on a dirty floor in the middle of a busy store to breast feed their child! She wanted attention, or to just cause trouble. I will most definitely continue to shop at Target. I also agree with what you just wrote. This woman may have made the whole thing up for all we know. I would like to hear from the employee’s that “supposedly” were so rude to her. I’d like to hear their side.


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